Centre Courses

Preschool Programs – Building Blocks

Schools can be very scary places for your children. The way the transition from preschool to more formal learning is handled can have a significant impact on children’s views pertaining to themselves, their interests, their motivation to be at school as well as their future academic successes.

Help your little one prepare for school with one of our programs:

Get Ready for School Introduction

This program is a gentle inauguration to learning which aids a smooth transition from pre-school to Primary school. A combination of worksheets, activities and educational computer games reinforce skills and ensure that learning is stress-free and fun!

Primary School Programmes – Foundations for learning

Our tuition centre provides a learning environment that helps to build a strong academic base in order to carry students through their primary and secondary schooling. Tuition programmes range from Maths, English and Science, to more extensive programmes for students who wish to push themselves further. Verbal reasoning is a popular program, students develop practical problem solving skills. Each program offers a variety of activities from listening exercises to workbook and interactive computer skills. This ensures students are stimulated to learn while allowing teachers to observe and measure each Child’s engagement with different media. This enables teachers to tailor the programs to produce maximum results.

Secondary School- Springboard into academic achievement

121 Tuition Secondary School Programs are designed to give senior students the motivation and confidence to achieve their full potential. We offer Maths, English and Science tutoring, also extension courses for students who want to excel in their grades.

Home Schooling

121 Tuition are now offering children the opportunity to be home schooled from the comfort of their own homes or at our Centre. We follow the National Curriculum. Every lesson is planned so that we cover everything your child would cover in a school.

Your child will get the 121 they deserve.

We can help you with all the arrangements to change from school to Home Schooling. We arrange for an LEA to come visit once a year to view your child’s progress.

Please also note, children that are Home Schooled can complete more than 1 years’ work in a year. We have children that are only 9 years old who have achieved level 5’s in their S.A.Ts and are starting year 7 work.

DON’T DELAY ! Limited places available.

Your child’s worth it!

Extension Programs

Study Skills

This 10-lesson course equips you with the skills necessary to perform better in exams. The program focuses on where, when and how to study most effectively, based on your own learning style. Strategies and techniques to remember information, an understanding of goal setting and time management, and the fundamentals of effective note taking will help you achieve your full potential.

Essay Writing

This popular 20-lesson program is highly recommended for anyone who has to write essays at a senior secondary school level and beyond. Students gain an understanding of the essay writing process from analysing the question through to editing the final draft. Emphasis is placed on planning so that you become a confident essay writer, which can result in improved marks.

English as a Second Language

This course is designed to help students who do not speak English as their first language with their school work, home and social skills.

This course helps students with their written and speaking English Skills. They will be taught basic Grammar, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

Using Computer and worksheet activities allows students to progress at their own pace and is consolidated with homework .

Reading, Spellings and Handwriting for ages 4 onwards

This course helps children with their Reading and Writing skills. They will be taught to read using Oxford Reading Tree Books, which are used in over 80% of Primary Schools.

Whilst learning to read, students are introduced to Spellings and basic Writing skills.

This course is also recommended for older children who struggle with reading and writing.