About Us

How we started?

My name is Mrs Kola. I established 121 Tuition in October 2008  from my home. Well, I was overwhelmed with the number of calls I received. The intention of teaching a few students actually turned out to be the initial number of 59 students. I worked from a large room in my house, which I converted into a classroom. I continued at my home for a year and employed my first member of staff. 121 Tuition had more students joining, which resulted in a need for the move to a business premises. I rented out one room with over 100 students that had signed up for tuition. Over the years we have grown into a very successful business. We now have over 150 students that attend our tuition centre and 20 tutors. We have moved to a new premises – Beckside Court, 268 Bradford Road, Batley, WF17 5PW, in 2019

What makes 121 Tuition Unique?

We believe that every child is an individual and has his/her own learning style. Class sizes in most public schools are getting larger – some schools have over 30 students per class. Consequently, and rather unfortunately, the teacher can not give each child the individual attention that they need. Every child learns differently and some may catch up faster than the rest. 121 Tuition helps by focusing on the child’s weaknesses and helping them to master the topics that they need in order to achieve the grades that they are capable of. Praise and encouragement plays a big factor in children’s performance. If they are confident, they will feel more comfortable asking and answering questions. This will aid them to achieve their full potential. We follow the national curriculum and set targets on a bi-weekly basis. Every time these targets are met the child is awarded with a certificate. This has proven to be a success in helping children move forward and enjoy learning.

Where we are today

We are running our very successful tuition centre and have now launched Online tuition (April 2014). We now have  students who are being home schooled and are achieving grades above what is expected of them. More information can be found on the home schooling section of our website.